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Re: DN with comma.

At 01:48 AM 3/10/2003, frank Hein wrote:
>I'm working of a migration from iPlanetLDAP to openLDAP and I have a lot of DN's with a comma ','. The LDIF from iPlanet has DN's that are quoted, like: dn: o="T. The Tester, Inc", o=company. This is as I assume conform RFC 2253?

No.  That's an LDAPv2 (RFC 1779, now historic) string representation
of the DN.  While an LDAPv3 implementation can certainly be liberal
and accept LDAPv2 and other representations of the DN, they are
to generate string representations in accordance with Section 2
of RFC 2253.  Section 2 does not allow values to be quoted in that

The OpenLDAP server is liberal in accepting various DN string
representations but always returns the DN using the LDAPv3 format.