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DN with comma.


I'm working of a migration from iPlanetLDAP to openLDAP and I have a lot of DN's with a comma ','. The LDIF from iPlanet has DN's that are quoted, like: dn: o="T. The Tester, Inc", o=company. This is as I assume conform RFC 2253?

When I insert these entries with ldapadd I get no errors but when I read these with a LDAP-browser or with ldapsearch I get:
dn: o="T. The Tester\2c Inc", o=company. This is also the case with an LDIF-export. The DN is quoted but the ',' is presented in UTF-8. what is not what I expected.

Is there a way to insert a DN with a comma to present it afterwards like dn: o="T. The Tester, Inc", o=company instead of dn: o="T. The Tester\2c Inc", o=company?

Thanks in advance,
Frank Heins

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