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Re: authorizing in Netscape LDAP Server


The iPlanet Directory Server come with at least three directory:
1. NetscapeRoot
2. config
3. userRoot

Your user dn and password should be under the (3).
Now, let's say you have a domain suffix that is like "dc=ralph, dc=net", then

all the user information should be store under "ou=People, dc=ralph, dc=net"
Like, for example a user with uid of ralph will be like the following:
dn: uid=ralph, ou=People, dc=ralph, dc=net

I hope it helps.  This is based on the version 5.x.
If it is 4.x, the domain suffix might be a little different, your best bet
might be ask the other side to send you an entry of a user, it will give you
a good idea what their tree is like.
Good luck!


ps: Just in case, login id should uid password should be userPassword.
;-)  Have Fun.

B.Maruszewski@jtz.org.pl wrote:

> Hello.
> There is a Netscape LDAP Server where I am to authorize. Does anyone
> know the directory structure, some basic dn or anything where netscape
> server stores users/passwords?
> The situation is: there is a netscape ldap server, people do authorize in
> it in an intranet to use Netscape browser/calendar/mailer. The
> intranet is few hundreds kilometers away :).  There is noone who
> knows anything about that netscape server ;) And I am supposed
> to tell a PHP-programmer where to authorize in that Netscape
> LDAP Server. :/ Exactly which leaf of the LDAP tree holds the
> login/password pair.
> Any help would be appriopriate.
> Bartek M.
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