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RE: OpenLDAP in Production

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> From: Voglmaier, Reinhard Erich [mailto:rv33100@GlaxoWellcome.co.uk]

> sounds interesting,
> is there documentation about the usage around ?

See the man page slapd-ldap(5).
> what I am looking for is:
> *	filter attributes out. Example I don't that the mobile
> phone number
> from server A will be proxied ( just to make an example )

back-ldap attribute mapping handles this. It is documented in the manpage.
(Though I think it could use some clarification. Suggestions welcome.)

> *	the client makes a query against the proxy the proxy
> decides which
> server to contact, depending for example on the searchbase

Set up multiple back-ldap instances, one for each destination/searchbase.

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