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Re: OpenLDAP,Kerberos V5 and JASS relationships

--On Mittwoch, 5. März 2003 09:34 +0800 Chee Leong Dew <email2me@time.net.my> wrote:

Hi Team,

I am currently having a project using open source
technogies.Implementation is using Kerberos V5, OpenLDAP as LDAP server
and JAAS (J2SEE 1.4) as the authentication and authorization framework. I
some question on integrating all these technologies. I am
using JAVA do the coding.

How JAAS help in the integration on Kerberos and OpenLDAP?

On the client side, JAAS can be used to provide JNDI with the necessary credentials (i.e. a ticket-granting-ticket) to authenticate against the LDAP Server using the GSSAPI SASL mechanism.

What are the relationships exist between Kerberos, OpenLDAP and JAAS? I
know that Java SDK 1.4 has the package to communicate with
Kerberos V5, and JNDI to access to LDAP server? How these thing can help
me to acheive my objective?

see <http://java.sun.com/products/jndi/tutorial/ldap/security/gssapi.html>