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OpenLDAP,Kerberos V5 and JASS relationships

Hi Team,

I am currently having a project using open source
technogies.Implementation is using Kerberos V5, OpenLDAP as LDAP server and
JAAS (J2SEE 1.4) as the authentication and authorization framework. I
some question on integrating all these technologies. I am
using JAVA do the coding.

How JAAS help in the integration on Kerberos and OpenLDAP?

What are the relationships exist between Kerberos, OpenLDAP and JAAS? I
know that Java SDK 1.4 has the package to communicate with
Kerberos V5, and JNDI to access to LDAP server? How these thing can help
me to acheive my objective?

P/S: I am using OS Linux 7.2.I already install the Cyrus SASL in Linux.