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Re: Listing /home dir very slow

is it listening to loopback?  I thought noticed it to be slow like that 
with some operations.

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Walter Vendraminetto wrote:

> Hi folks,
> i've a problem that maybe some one already solved. We authenticate several
> users with OpenLDAP 2.0.27 + Berkeley DB.
> If I execute the command
> $> ls -l /home 
> the output takes some minutes to list about 50 entries. This is because each
> directory belongs to different user which has to be resolved.
> The command:
> $> ls /home 
> works as expected.
> After several trials I nuked the ACLs and the long listing started to work
> again. This sounds a bit strange because many other "heavy" requests are
> correctly executed.
> I think I should shrink the ACLs where possible but ... do you think that
> the problem can be solved in a more direct way. The nss_ldap libs are the v
> 189 and maybe an update may help ...
> Thank you anyway.
> Bye
> Walter