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Re: TLS question

* Branko F. Gračnar <bfg@noviforum.si> [24-02-03 20:45]:
> Hi.
> I have trouble using LDAP with TLS and SSL.
> I if issue the following command:
> ldapsearch -ZZ -h myldap '(filter)'
> then ldapsearch program successfully connects to LDAP server and performs
> the search. This works okay, if i have "TLS never" option in my ldap.conf
> file.
> If i set TLS to "hard", then ldapsearch command dies with error 81 (can't
> contact ldap server).
> My ldap server is runing on ldap and ldaps ports, and i can successfully
> connect to it from Java LDAP browser using SSL. I Cannot connect using SSL
> from Microsoft Windows Adressbook clients... This is weird.

 I think that the option "TLS hard" means you have to use a client side
certificate. What version of OpenLDAP are you using ?
 Use ldapsearch -d -1 to see the explicit error (hopefully) and see if
you can work this thing out.