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Re: Problem with Exim and OpenLDAP

lør, 2003-02-22 kl. 17:01 skrev Peter Marschall:

> On Thursday 20 February 2003 18:34, Keith Matthews wrote:
> > I have to say that the only real conclusion I have come to is that
> > OpenLDAP diagnostics suck, and badly.

> Feel yourself invited to improve it.

Keith has already said that he's not an Openldap person, he's an Exim
person. He obviously feels that something is lacking. Instead of
attempting misplaced sarcasm, a more correct approach might be to find
out exactly what he finds inadequate and then do one's best to induce
sympathy, instead of sowing antipathy to a good and proved product.




Tony Earnshaw

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you are robbing him of his happiness

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