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Re: oot: the best DSA

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Jon Roberts wrote:
> One more thing before I shut up: another problem with Sun's directory
> server is how they handle access control. The ACL's are affixed as
> attributes to the relevant entries. This scatters your access control
> directives all over the database.

Well, depending on your needs, that is either a problem or a feature.
Having ACLs concentrated in a single file is great if one person manages
all access control, but it makes it nearly impossible to distribute access
control authority.

[Dragging the thread somewhat ontopic]
I found OpenLDAP's ACL implementation very strange when I first looked at
it, after becoming used to seeing ACLs attached to the objects themselves
in other products.  I still think that organic ACLs are better, but then I
dislike and fear centralized authority. :-/

This discussion should move to ldap@umich.edu .

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