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Re: oot: the best DSA

Gustavo Lozano wrote:
I am 100% sure Ludovic has the Word.

Having just migrated from iPlanet/Sun directory servers, I'm going to second that. The Sun ONE directory server is very fast. Now that it's delivered with Solaris and Sun Linux, it should be fairly common.

Without wanting to start a big discussion, SunONE DS is very fast, I
just wanted to say may be openldap does 100 Mph and SunOne 95mph, but
well, SunOne is Fairly more stable (I have never had an outage with it,
but have several with OpenLdap).

The stability depends on the platform. As you might guess, Sun's offering on Solaris is very stable. Their initial offering of v5.1 on RH Linux was so bad, they surreptitiously withdrew it after I (and perhaps others) complained. It looks like they offer it again, and now that they do Linux themselves, it may be okay.

When the thing goes to pricing, SunOne is a little bit expensive as well
as CriticalPath, (if you go after more than 200.000 users)

The problem with Sun's pricing is that they charge by entry. This is a stupid idea, IMHO, because their marketing people keep telling you that it "scales to millions of entries" => licensing cost scales to multi-millions of dollars.

One more thing before I shut up: another problem with Sun's directory server is how they handle access control. The ACL's are affixed as attributes to the relevant entries. This scatters your access control directives all over the database.

Jon Roberts