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Re: oot: the best DSA

At 08:13 PM 2/20/2003 +0100, Michael Ströder wrote:
>glozano@noldata.com wrote:
>> SunOne Directory Server is very stable, more than OpenLDAP, but may be not
>> too fast. (Am I wrong?)
>Yes, you are wrong. From my experience Netscape DS 4.x and iPlanet 5.x / 
>Netscape DS 6.x are significantly faster.

We planning to use commercial DS to support arround 1000 users, we already
using many of oracle product (for erp and rdbms). any comments on Oracle DS?

Basicaly if openldap is like apache compare to other commercial webserver,
we'll choose apache.
but if openldap is like mysql compare to Oracle DB or jboss compare to Bea,
we'll choose the commercial product instead.

>Norbert Klasen wrote a good diploma thesis about that, although some numbers 
>in the results (e.g. for eDirectory, IBM Directory Server) might be outdated 
>And always remember that performance measuring is not trivial. Therefore 
>take every performance result/comparison with a grain of salt.

I agree.
What about the other aspects, such as replication (for redundancy, we have
several sites with LC) and ease to manage and upgrade.