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Re: oot: the best DSA

glozano@noldata.com wrote:
SunOne Directory Server is very stable, more than OpenLDAP, but may be not
too fast. (Am I wrong?)

Yes, you are wrong. From my experience Netscape DS 4.x and iPlanet 5.x / Netscape DS 6.x are significantly faster.

Norbert Klasen wrote a good diploma thesis about that, although some numbers in the results (e.g. for eDirectory, IBM Directory Server) might be outdated today:


And always remember that performance measuring is not trivial. Therefore take every performance result/comparison with a grain of salt.

Critical Path directoty server is allright, stable, fast and everything
Netscape Directory, well the same SunOne...
Active Directory from M$oft, ahmmm no comments.

Hmm, I doubt that you have much practical experience with all these products...

Ciao, Michael.