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Re: pilotPerson and inetOrgPerson

At 08:51 AM 2/19/2003, Markus Schabel wrote:
>Beast wrote:
>>Why i can't use objectClass: pilotPerson and inetOrgPerson together?
>>I just need to use otherMailbox attribute, but it giving error :
>>ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
>>        additional info: invalid structural object class chain
>In OpenLDAP 2.1.x you have a stronger schemacheck than in 2.0.x. You now
>can only have ONE structural object class in an entry. So you have to
>change one of the objectClasses to be non-structural.

It is inappropriate to change the definition of schema elements
once published.  Instead, create a new structural object class
which inherits from both pilotPerson and inetOrgPerson.  For
example, see OpenLDAPperson in openldap.schema.