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make test confusion


I'm quite new to LDAP, and i'm trying to install v2.1.12, with BDB database. I've configured it (basic ./configure) after I included the Berkeley DB libraries in the ld.so.conf file, and ran ldconfig.

here's my problem:

i ran 'make test', and all the tests passed, except for one that it skipped. however, it says this at the end:

ln: './data': cannot overwrite directory
make[1]: [test-ldbm] Error 1 (ignored)
ln: './schema': File exists
make[1]: [test-ldbm] Error 1 (ignored)
ln: 'ucdata/libunicode': File exists
make[1]: [test-ldbm] Error 1 (ignored)
run configure with --enable-ldbm
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/rotrot/openldap-2.1.12/tests

can someone please tell me what this means? or could this be something i can just ignore, since i'm not using ldbm anyway?

Thanks in advance.

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