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RE: make problem

I've changed the example in the INSTALL file to use "-DFOO=42" instead of
"-Ddef". Hopefully this will be a bit more obvious for the future. At the
very least, even if you type it verbatim, it won't break anything...

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> Howard Chu wrote:
> > There's a "-Ddef" in your compile line that doesn't belong
> there. I'm curious
> > about where it came from, as configure never generates this
> and you're not
> > the first person to be tripped up by this problem. Can you
> trace your
> > configure / make depend / make steps and locate what generated that
> > definition?
> That was it. Thanks for the quick response and keen eye.
> As to how that option got there, I'll take the blame but I
> think I can
> exlain the frequency. In the INSTALL file that comes with the
> distribution, the '-Ddef' option is given in the example
> values for the
> CPPFLAGS environment variable. I left it there thinking it might be
> necessary, but I have no macros and should've looked up what
> the option
> meant myself. I'm lazy.
> This was the first time I've run make (and crossed fingers)
> in a couple
> of years, but I have to hand it to the OpenLDAP distribution: it's
> almost never been so easy. Thanks again.
> Jon Roberts
> www.mentata.com