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Re: make problem

Howard Chu wrote:
There's a "-Ddef" in your compile line that doesn't belong there. I'm curious
about where it came from, as configure never generates this and you're not
the first person to be tripped up by this problem. Can you trace your
configure / make depend / make steps and locate what generated that

That was it. Thanks for the quick response and keen eye.

As to how that option got there, I'll take the blame but I think I can exlain the frequency. In the INSTALL file that comes with the distribution, the '-Ddef' option is given in the example values for the CPPFLAGS environment variable. I left it there thinking it might be necessary, but I have no macros and should've looked up what the option meant myself. I'm lazy.

This was the first time I've run make (and crossed fingers) in a couple of years, but I have to hand it to the OpenLDAP distribution: it's almost never been so easy. Thanks again.

Jon Roberts