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Re: clientattributes

tir, 2003-02-04 kl. 17:54 skrev Michael Ströder:

> >>So what I wanted to know
> >>is if there is a possibility to let the clients allways request all
> >>attributes.
> There are generic LDAP clients which try their best to discover and handle 
> all attributes.
> If an LDAP client explicitly requests a limited set of attributes this 
> probably means that it cannot handle other attributes at all. This does make 
> sense for saving bandwidth...

Original question, for the record:

>> I made an entry in my openldap server but my microsoft client dont
>> wantto ask for all attributes. I saw that he only ask for a few
>> attributes! Do I have to change something in the server settings to
>> enable all attrs or is this a microsoft "feature"?




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