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Re: clientattributes

tir, 2003-02-04 kl. 15:05 skrev Florian Maier:

> thx, but I understand this with the schema files. My problem is that some
> client wants to know some attributes and some don't. So what I wanted to know
> is if there is a possibility to let the clients allways request all
> attributes.

The answer is "no, because the people who designed the clients, designed
them for their own purposes." When you've done some programming to make
your own clients, you'll understand how this works.

>  Because for example I have a machine with an outloook and a outlookexpress
> client. when I use outlookexpress it asks for homePostalAddress. My outlook
> client doesn't. Also my mozilla client doesn't ask for this attribut. I
> thought its maybe a misconfiguration in the server that the client doesn't even try
> to receive the attributes.

No, it's the designer (programmer) who made the client, who decides what
it asks for. The server is there to satisfy the needs of the client, not
the other way around.

>  But if not is there a possibility to set a
> receive all for the clients?

Well, if you can do it, you'll become a very rich man, very quickly ;)




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