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Re: Address books

Kelv wrote:
Hello everyone,

Hi Kelv

I am trying to create an address book that workstations on the LAN can
access via either Mozilla or Outlook / Outlook Express. I am completely
new to LDAP and am struggling.

Join the crowd :)

I managed to install and run slapd exactly as per the quick install
instructions. The ldapadd and ldapsearch examples worked as they were
supposed to.

That was yesterday morning. Since then I have looked through hundreds of
pages of text on the openldap web site, usenet postings and other web
pages. Unfortunately I am no further in my quest and feeling totally
demoralised :(

Just like the rest of us :)

Is there anywhere online that provides a simple and explicit list of
instructions / commands to set up whatever schema / etc is necessary for
an LDAP newbie like me to achieve the above? I have seen dozens of list /
usenet postings asking how to do this, and a mixture of RTFM & high level
(read no use at all)  replies.

The fact of the matter is: there's nothing "official". There are a lot of people who've posted bits and pieces -- after hours of research, mind you... and there are a few gotcha's -- like the fact that the Mozilla schema is still in a state of flux and the level of functionality you get with Mozilla's personal address book isn't the same as what you get with Mozilla's LDAP.

That said, here's the best I've been able to come up with:

Start with this one... you'll find a considerable amount of information on the different schema's (Outlook and Mozilla are different, but if you do some tweaking, you can come up with one that works on both): http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialLDAP.html

Then take a look at this post... it basically recaps how I sort of got things to work: http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200212/msg00384.html. In particular, look through the two FAQ's referenced in the post.