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Address books

Hello everyone,

Ok, first the system details..

Platform - Solaris 8 on Sun E450
Software - OpenLDAP 2.1.12
Extras   - with Berkeley DB 4 and OpenSSL.

I am trying to create an address book that workstations on the LAN can
access via either Mozilla or Outlook / Outlook Express. I am completely
new to LDAP and am struggling.

I managed to install and run slapd exactly as per the quick install
instructions. The ldapadd and ldapsearch examples worked as they were
supposed to.

That was yesterday morning. Since then I have looked through hundreds of
pages of text on the openldap web site, usenet postings and other web
pages. Unfortunately I am no further in my quest and feeling totally
demoralised :(

Is there anywhere online that provides a simple and explicit list of
instructions / commands to set up whatever schema / etc is necessary for
an LDAP newbie like me to achieve the above? I have seen dozens of list /
usenet postings asking how to do this, and a mixture of RTFM & high level
(read no use at all)  replies.

Help much appreciated!

Kelv :(