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Re: Troble adding jpegPhoto attribute

Chris Hills wrote:

I am running OpenLDAP 2.0.25 on RedHat Linux 8.0. So far, it has been
running on 4 servers with replication without any problems. Today, I decided
I would try and add a jpegPhoto attribute to an entry. When I tried, I
received the following error:

error code 18 - modify: add values failed

I have tried using both LDAP Browser/Editor and perl, and I receive the same

Can anyone offer any insight into this?



Hi Chris,

0. errorcode 18 means
             inappropriateMatching    (18), -- unrecognized or
                                            -- inappropriate matching
                                            -- rule in sort key
   don't know how to interpret this :-(
1. Does the objectclass have the attribute 'jpegPhoto?
2. Have you tried it with a 'simple' ldif-file via ldapadd like
dn: cn=lalala,o=abc,c=DE
changetype: modify
add: jpegPhoto

Kind regards,


Christian Pohl

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