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Re: Producing a web directory with LDAP

Adam de Zoete wrote

1000:1 is an enormously slow ratio. Say for example, I have two numerical entries, the display count and the hit count, of the URL. This entry would need to be updated every time the link is hit or displayed. That's how extensive my relational data is.

Could it handle this? The last thing I want is everything else to crawl.

That ratio may be a little high, but if you're going to be updating the data for each hit count and display count, that would definitely be a stretch for LDAP, especially if these attributes are indexed.

I've read about the ease of using an sql db along side LDAP, but to manage the relational data could involve a search to the sql for every record displayed.

The fastest solution would be to store this information in memory, but that may not be an option.

>What is your suggestion for the ideal middle-ware for use with LDAP?

I'm referring to PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, ColdFusion or other to communicate with the LDAP. What would I write into my HTML to access the LDAP?

PHP, Java, Perl, Tcl, C, and Python all apparently have strong support for LDAP. I always liked perldap, but I prefer to use Java for production applications. I use servlets (not JSP), and you can find out how at:


With Java there are (at least) 3 major libraries to choose from: JNDI, Netscape's JDK, and Novell's JDK. I don't want to start a flame thread here, but IMHO if you want security, efficiency, scalability, and reliability on the middle-tier, you should use Java or something like it.

Adam - sorry you didn't get this mail directly, but your address gave my mail server a relay error.

Jon Roberts