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Re: Producing a web directory with LDAP

At 11:29 -0500 29/1/03, Adam Williams wrote:
 >that it's simply not tailored for updating data on the fly. Can you

Not neccesarily true.  It isn't build to sustains constant modification
like an RDBMS,  it isn't really transactional.  But operations are atomic,
and thus perfectly safe if performed correctly.  (Despite much blather
you'll read here and elsewhere about LDAP locking, etc..)  You can update
the directory on-the-fly without incident.  Updates are "slow", that is
the key fact.  A ratio of thousands of reads to every write is pretty much


Thanks for your comments...

1000:1 is an enormously slow ratio. Say for example, I have two numerical entries, the display count and the hit count, of the URL. This entry would need to be updated every time the link is hit or displayed. That's how extensive my relational data is.

Could it handle this? The last thing I want is everything else to crawl.

>suggest ways of handling various relational bits of data, for one
example, hit-counters? Or any data that needs to be updated
regularly? (None of the data needs to be accurate to the second or is
time sensitive)

Depends on what you mean by regularly. If you mean constantly, then store it outside the Dit, and just point to it with a URL/UNC from a stand-in object. Or use back-sql to present data that just has to come from a relational source.

I've read about the ease of using an sql db along side LDAP, but to manage the relational data could involve a search to the sql for every record displayed.

 >What is your suggestion for the ideal middle-ware for use with LDAP?

? Cocoon supports it if that type of thins is what you mean.

I'm referring to PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, ColdFusion or other to communicate with the LDAP. What would I write into my HTML to access the LDAP?



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