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Re: Need to export Exchange Server to OpenLdap

Joseph Kezar wrote:
It would be nice if there was a exchange.schema file or perhaps a
active_directory.schema to allow a flush of the exchange related data and
active directory data so it can just be dumped into OpenLDAP.

You'll find the AD schema completely documented at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/ADSchema/adschema/active_directory_schema.asp.

However, from what I've seen digging into this subject over the last couple of months, this will answer only one of the many questions that will come up about the migration of Exchange to OpenLDAP. AFAICT, not all information in Exchange is persisted in AD (items in public folders, public calendars, etc.). And Outlook/Outlook Distress clients have more than their share of problems using LDAP address books.

Let me know if there is anything out there that would allow such a "sharing"
of data between the monster and openLDAP.

Since when have you know for Bill to be a sharing kind of guy :)

Brenda Bell