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Re: Anybody help? how to start openldap service on several NICs?

Today at 9:28am, Shi Jin wrote:

> Hi there,
> My openldap server has two NICs so it is on two
> networks: one is the internet(real IP) and one is the
> local network( say). 
> Now the problem is the internet one has no problem but
> the local one doesn't work. I want to both of them
> work.

Well, since NMAP is finding the ports open on both interfaces, slapd is 
working.  What do your logs tell you on the server?  What does the 
client tell you is the problem on the interface that is failing?

Off the top of my head, I'd guess it has something to do with an SSL 
problem (although you didn't say SSL is involved at all).

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