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PAM LDAP authentification

I havent seen any documentation or notes on this and I apologize if I may
have missed it somewhere. 

Is it possible to authenicate users on the ldap server via pam instead of
SASL. If that isn't clear enough. We don't have any passwords except the
admin stored in our LDAP database because we are using AFS, we have the
NIS schema loaded for all of our users. We are using pam_afs/ldap to
take care of auth for samba/netatalk/ftp/etc which works great. 

The problem comes when we start to look at users editing their personal
information ie phone, gecos, etc, because they don't have a password IN
the LDAP database it is store on the AFSDB server. 

It looks like we could use Kerberos IV/SASL but that adds another piece
to the complexity of the configuration which we would kind of like to


  Sean O'Malley, Information Technologist
  Michigan State University