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Open LDAP on HP-UX


I'm having an odd problem at the moment involving replication not always working. Firt let me discribe the problem:

I wrote a PHP page that creates a posixAccount entry for user authentication and inetOrgPerson for the company addressbook. Currently when I add a user via the webpage I can see slurped doesn't notice ("slurped -d -1" produces no output when the account is added), what is funny is that I can see the account was added succesfully and if I delete the entry a moment later the deletion is replicated (actually slurped creates a rejection file because the slaves don't have the entry).

If I add an account via the page and use ldapsearch to save the LDIF, I can delete the account and readd it using ldapadd. When I added the account using ldapadd it does get replicated correctly. I guess the problem boils down to additions from PHP don't get replicated while additions from command line tools do get replicated.

This is OpenLDAP 2.1.9 and HP-UX 11.0. I'm suspecting something weird about HP-UX is behind this as I don't see this problem using Solaris or Linux as the master. Slapd was extremely flaky until I compiled it with threads disabled (HP-UX only).

Anyone see something like this?  Anyone using HP-UX successfully?