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Re: How can I lock a record using php-ldap?

<the lights come on>
Dude!!! Thank you very, very much. :-)

I learned php last week as a way of trying to deal with these problems and as a consequence, while I am very much familiar with programming concepts and data structures, I am an extreme newbie with the PHP language. I absolutely did not expect (and consequently did not look for) a semaphore structure in a scripting language. Why? I dunno, probably because I am to used to having such things abstracted away or something.

This is the only down side from http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.sem.php :
Note: This extension is not available on Windows platforms.

Once again thanks,

Jim C.

P.S. I see that Perl has similar structures which explains why Perl was considered (and used) to develop the Sammba-LDAP-tools suite. It explains much.


Mike O'Rourke wrote:
You could use the sem_get(), sem_acquire() and sem_release() functions