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Re: Problems upgrading from 2.0.x to 2.1.x

a quick checklist of problems I run into upgrading from 2.0.25 to 2.1.8 and later ...

1) pb of schema with structural objectclass
2) slapd.conf needed to allow bind_v2, now disallow bind_anon_dn is by default and defaultaccess none is also a default
3) compile: --enable-crypt if you need crypt !
4) system attributes: structuralObjectClass is added to every ldap entry, that explain why you cannot replicate from a 2.0.X master to a 2.1.X slave :-( error: "No structuralObjectClass operational attribute". This is very a pain ..., if anyone knows a workaround this that woud be a very good feature !
5) if lastmod is on: entryUUID and entryCSN are added, might be usefull for future multimaster ?
6) schema again, I remember having pb with personnal attributes having " with "SYNTAX" needed to replace with EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch", but It might be a mistake of me ...

Good luck !

Darren Gamble wrote:
Good day,

Having received no replies whatsoever, let me rephrase the question:

Is it possible to upgrade from a v2.0.x to v2.1.x and make use of one's existing backend? Is there an appropriate upgrade procedure documented somewhere (I have looked, but may have overlooked).

If your question is "can I make use of the same database files", the answer
is no.

You will need to shutdown your 2.0.X directory server, use the 2.0.X slapcat
to dump your database to a file, clear out your database, use the 2.1.X
slapadd to recreate the database from that file, and then start your 2.1.X
directory server.

It's not difficult, but possibly very time consuming if your directory is
extremely large.

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