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Re: Need some help with this authentication problem

man, 2003-01-20 kl. 20:38 skrev charld:

> If i 
> 1) login as root and then
> 2) do a "su - ldaptestuser" this works!
>  i dont need the ldaptestuser password when i su from root.
>  and everything works fine but i cant change or do anything with the
>  passwrod. 

This wouuld only confirm what I said about the files in /etc/pam.d. I
don't know how RH organizes things, I've always used source on my RH 7.2

> 1) login as myself (i am not in ldap)
> 2) su - ldaptestuser
>  and i get prompted for the password, i get a password incorrect. 

> I tried the authconfig command on the client and that didnt help.
> I must be missing something real simple but it escapes me. I cut and
> past the password from /etc/shadow into the account profile.

You can't just cut 'n paste. Get GQ 0.7 beta and compile and use it,
jump from www.biot.com, and you'll see why. You have to specify how the
password was encrypted ({crypt}, {sha1} etc.




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