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Some assistance please


Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond.

I have Redhat 6.2 I am using the openldap that came with this OS.

I have followed the instructions from this link.

Unfortunately it seems to be down.

Basically my problem is this.  How exactly do I know if I have any data in
my LDAP lookups or DB (directory).
Sorry if I don't have the terminology down. Please read below because I have
attempted to add my /etc/passwd file into the directory but I am having
problems trying to pull info up.  I am trying to do this directly from the
Openldap server.

I have used the following commands.

rpm -q openldap
	openldap-1.2.9-5 (my output)

	|-slapd---slapd---slapd (output) (this is suppose to tell me I have
my daemon running)

I used the following migration tool found in /usr/share/openldap/migrartion

./migrate_passwd.pl /etc/passwd

(all my username and info shoots accross the screen. no error and my prompt
is returned like below)

Thank you for your help.
I hope I provided enough information