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RE: test fails for version 2.0.27

ertor, 2003-01-16 kl. 19:11 skrev Russell Premont:

> Unless I am understanding the docs wrong it is supposed to be able to use
> either. Here is a snipit from the docs.

> 4.2.4. Database Software
> OpenLDAP's slapd(8) primary database backend, LDBM, requires a compatible
> database package for entry storage. LDBM is compatible with Sleepycat
> Software's BerkeleyDB (recommended) or the Free Software Foundation's GNU
> Database Manager (GDBM). If neither of these packages are available at
> configure time, you will not be able build slapd(8) with primary database
> backend.

Actually, you haven't said what OS you're using. Could be Linux, could
be Solaris, anything. I have RH 7.2++++ Linux.

O,k., ./configure --help, with Openldap 2.1.10, gives me, amongst many
other things:

--with-ldbm-api       with LDBM API auto|berkeley|bcompat|mdbm|gdbm \

Don't you have that in your configure? Do you have:


If not, do you have gdbm on your installation media?




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