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Re: Strange error LDAP Server Down (80)

manoj.b.mane@Cummins.com wrote:

Sometimes whenver there is any kind of LDAP operation my java programs
throws error saying is server down(80) when actually server is not down.
and this error is very unpredictable sometime it comes and sometime it
does not come. anybody faced similar kind of problem before please let me
know if so.


Assuming that you've done the dilligence of checking the access log and the like, this is probably not an OpenLDAP issue, but more of a Java library issue. If you are using connection pooling, you may be running into connections that are falling off because of TCP timeouts or whatnot (your app has opened a certain number of connections to the directory server, but doesn't use them for "X" amount of time). You can work around the problem by either checking the connection your app will be using, and making sure it is "live" before actually letting the app use it, or change what you're using for connection pooling. We've run into this problem with the 4.16 versions and older of the Netscape Java SDK (forthcoming versions fix this problem, and your application is assured a "live" connection every time).

I'm making lots of assumptions here, but in the face of little information, lots of assumptions are usually the inevitable product.