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Re: slapd runs, but nothing else works

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

tir, 2003-01-14 kl. 17:02 skrev Benjamin A. Collins:

Tony, I tried the above, and still had a problem. I dumped your ops into a file called init.ldif, and ran the following: 'ldapadd -x -v -f

The response was that I had insufficient access,

You didn't read what I wrote. Or didn't absorb it, at least.

What does it say about "-b etc"?

so I edited my ACL's in slapd.conf. I commented the existing ones out and put in this one:
access to dn="" by * write

Your ACLs were fine. Go back to the original.

and ran ldapsearch again, but still got the same errors -- at some


in the debug spew I saw a "suffix add denied".

Forget the debugging for the moment. Just read what I wrote and do it, not what you wished that I had written. The only thing you have to worry about, is what ldapadd (actually, you'd better use slapadd while the server is down. That is, down if it's not Openldap 2.1.x).

Also, make sure that the perms on the database directory agree with the
slapd user.



tony, thanks for your help. I probably shouldn't have replied before I had spent more time with it, but it works now (I *think*).

slapadd worked like a charm.