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Re: how to check uniqueness of uidNumber ?

> WONG_Jeffrey@seac.pf wrote:
> WJsp> I'm thinking about to use openldap for users authentication. For that, I
> WJsp> use person, posixAccount and shadowAccount objects to store user data
> WJsp> (password, uid, ...). Now I want that no user have the same uidNumber (I
> WJsp> know Unix allows multiple users to have the same uidNumber, but this is
> WJsp> not compliant with my policy).
> WJsp> 
> WJsp> So how can I check uniqueness of uidNumber ?

I am administering a system similar to yours. We built a Postgres
database just to maintain a list of available uidNumbers, and it has
worked quite well thus far. Every time we create a new user, we select a
uidNumber for the Postgres DB and remove it from the list.