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Re: Is there anyone on this list patient with stupid questions?

On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 05:49, jonathan.w.smith@att.net wrote:
> Ian and Lon, it looks as if the second edition of the book is out or will be out
> this Spring in paperback. Nevertheless, one reviewer had the same criticism of
> this book as I have had of OpenLDAP documentation.

I'm sorry, but I don't see the point of harping on or whining about the
so called lack of documentation.

Sheesh.. the information IS there, where, you have to find it!  I wasn't
born with the knowledge to program, I had to research/read/learn but
most of all I had to DO IT!

The same with this... I didn't know anything about LDAP, except it was
an access protocol.. and it took me some time to learn it too.  And that
is what I get the feeling you are whining about.. you have only just
started down a long path of learning and experimenting, and before you
can crawl, you're crying to the world that you can't run.

Sit back, take your time, lurk on the mailing list, learn to use the
archives and search engines and STOP the whining!

I still haven't got my ssl stuff to work for ldap, but then I've
discovered a number of problems iwht other applications on that
platform.. so I'll test it on intel hardware..  who knows.. I might just
get it right this time.. but I'm not whining publically about the lack
of documentation and my not understanding what I'm doing wrong.

Instead I'll go until I can't go further and ask POINTED questions about
what I think is wrong, and maybe someone, MAY offer me a suggestion..
after all they aren't paid for their time they give me.

Tony has posted a few links that i have used myself and in fact the
kalmazoo link with the ldap3.pdf file is a very good starter (I'm sorry,
the name of the author has slipped my mind.. it might be Andrew

For a basic level book, take a look at Implementing LDAP by mark
wilcox.. he used to post regularly on the perl-ldap mailing list.. I
have it currently leant to me. but I've never read it... by the time I
had got it most of the bruises on my forehead had started to heal.. :)

So go away, buy a book or use a search engine and read read read..  Ask
a question ppl can answer.  We aren't going to do this all for you.