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RE: Anyone on this list patient with stupid questions?

"You! Off my planet!"

- a Netscape funny bumper sticker
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> > Good morning, Ian, thanks for the reply.
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> > I was wondering if, for a moment, you could pretend you are
> > talking to someone
> > who is really, really stupid, who is NOT a ldaplander, and
> > who comes from a
> > planet other than Sysadministratia.
> While many of the people on this list bend over backwards to help others out,
> I believe this query in particular is not a good use of time. OpenLDAP is not
> much different from most other software, and the tasks to install and
> maintain it are extremely familiar to most experienced Unix/Linux users. If
> you don't have enough experience to understand the jargon that's used in the
> answers you've already received, then you really need to be spending your
> time with a good Linux or Unix book, before coming back to this topic. You
> have to have basic competence with the computer system you're using before
> you can expect to make any progress anywhere else. This mailing list is for
> discussing issues directly related to OpenLDAP; it is not for teaching you
> the basic language of system administration.
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