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need help with solaris 8

Hallo everybody,

it looks like I am not able to understand what's happening on solaris 8 with pam_ldap-157 and openldap 2.1.8 - 2.1.10.
We have compiled openldap with pam_ldap and nss_ldap using forte 6u2. Everything works almost as expected besides of the fact that passwd crashes badly when trying to change password for a user which is not defined in ldap, but is defined in files. pam_ldap does not find anything in ldap (which is OK), pam_unix does find, it changes password and afterwards everything crashes. dbx shows that crash happens in function ldap_unbind, which is called by

static void
_pam_ldap_cleanup_session (pam_handle_t * pamh, void *data, int error_status)

in pam_ldap.c

truss shows that bus error happens when trying to write 7 bytes to file descriptor which has been obtained by so_socket call.

Is there anybody who can may point on what we are doing wrong?

Thanx a lot in advance, vadim tarassov.