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Re: Spawning New Processes

> We recently moved from an older version of OpenLDAP to 2.0.27, and we
> are seeing odd behavior.
> Before we would have several (eg 40) slapd processes with unique process
> IDs.  Now there is only one handling all the requests.
> Is this a change is structure/framework or do I have a configuration
> problem.
> Another note: is prior to this upgrade, our openldap required very
> little system resources.  Now we are seeing our load go up to 7 or 8
> with slapd on the head of the 'top' list.  Is there anyway I can rectify
> this?
> Can I configure slapd to spawn a new PID per query?  Is there a way I
> can reindex my database to enhance performance?
> Any help is greatly appreciated!

Apparently your slapd is compiled --without-threads


Pierangelo Masarati