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Re: slapd-meta Example Config ?

> OK, forget my hints, now I remember why I didn't do that
> right from the beginning: the call to ldap_initialize cannot
> assess whether the server is up or not, since the connection
> is actually established when the first operation is attempted.
> There needs be a lot of reworking to allow this kind of feature
> (which is not impossible in principle), but a lot of specific
> coding is required, and it cannot definitely done at the API
> level (unless extensively playing with the LDAP* structure)

More on this: the point is that ldap_initialize() expects
a comma/space separated url list; unfortunately, I chose
to use a (legal) URI of the form <PROTO>://[<host>]:[<PORT>]/<DN>
to simultaneously specify the protocol, the host, the port AND
the base dn for a specific target, and the commas in the dn are
erroneously parsed into illegal URIs.

One workaround is to change ldap_url_parselist() to use only spaces
as separators (dunno who relies on URI lists being comma-separated,

Another workaround is to use semicolons ';' to separate RDNs
in the <DN> part of the URI; note that semicolons as RDN separators
are deprecated, but currently accepted by OpenLDAP's DN parsing code,
as required by rfc2253.

This way, you can specify a list of URIs.  I haven't checked
if the URIs are tried in sequence in case one or more fail.


Pierangelo Masarati