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Re: slapd-meta Example Config ?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Hi Everybody,
im relativley new to Openldap and want to test the slapd-meta backend.
Has someone an example slapd.conf file for me ? As im working on it for
over 2 hours and i cant get ist working.
Thank you very much.

you may run servers/slapd/back-meta/data/setup.sh
uncommenting the final "#exit" statement, so that
the config files are not deleted at exit.
Eventually this may evolve in a test script


BTW, this remind me a mail I post a mounth ago (12/12/02) about replicas an meta databases (it wikll give you another example!), still no answer, has someone a clue ?


 Jehan PROCACCIA wrote:
Hello, i am experimenting with openldap meta fonctionnality.
It seems to work fine, at least for the simple test below

database        meta
suffix          "dc=meta,dc=fr"

uri           "ldap://localhost/dc=entite1,dc=meta,dc=fr";
suffixmassage "dc=entite1,dc=meta,dc=fr" "dc=entite1,dc=fr"

uri           "ldap://localhost/dc=entite2,dc=meta,dc=fr";
suffixmassage "dc=entite2,dc=meta,dc=fr" "dc=entite2,dc=fr"

uri           "ldap://master/dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr";
suffixmassage "dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr" "dc=entite3,dc=fr"
lastmod  off

I am wondering how can I define the meta server to use replicas. something like uri "ldap://master/dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr","ldap://slave/dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr";

isn't accepted :-(

One would say that I create one couple uri/suffixmassage for the master
and an other for the slave, uri "ldap://master/dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr";
suffixmassage "dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr" "dc=entite3,dc=fr"
uri "ldap://slave/dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr";
suffixmassage "dc=entite3,dc=meta,dc=fr" "dc=entite3,dc=fr"

but if both are running I'll get search result doubled !.

Is it possible to use efficientlty replicas with meta ?