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Re: AW: slapd-meta Example Config ?

> Hi again,
> Pierangelo has sent me the right pointer to the config files for the
> slapd-meta backend.
> Now we have our config running -> Great !
> We can make requests to our meta ldap server !
> But, as we want to use the caching of the meta server, how can we use
> this ?

back-meta, much like back-ldap, does no caching; there is
some caching of the mapping between a given DN and the target
it was found first to speed up target lookup, but no entry
caching.  The topic was recently discussed on the -devel
list, and there's a patch that does filter pattern-based caching
for back-ldap, which is being reviewed (see ITS#2062) but
nothing like what you're looking for.


Pierangelo Masarati