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Re: entry has multiple objectClass attributes

> I'm not sure if that is somehow equivalent to your top form. Is add
> generally a special case of modify, or is this only the case for the
> command line utilities?

Add and modify are completely different LDAP operations; however,
they share the same description of attribute-value; assuming you're
using the C api, you need to provide an array of struct LDAPMod's
whose items contain the attribute types and the values for each
attribute.  In general, you can't specify each attribytre type
more than once in the array; if you have multiple value attributes,
you must add all the values in one occurrence of that attribute
in the LDAPMod array.  My guess is that you're passing your ldap_add()
an array of struct LDAPMod's that contains multiple occurrences of
objectClass rather than a single occurrence with multiple values.


Pierangelo Masarati