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disappearing dn attributes

I am running openldap on RH Linux 7.2. The following behavior exists on both my development and production servers, which are running v2.0.7p14 and 2.0.25 respectively.

After adding some custom attributes of distinguishedName syntax, I sought to index them for equality. When I did, they "disappeared". That is to say, they are exported with the data from slapcat, but no values are returned on a search. If I remove the indices, they are again available. The performance for equality searches is very fast without indexing, so I'm led to believe that it is unnecessary to index distinguishedName attributes. Is this true?

On another note, I recently posted a page on why I favor the use of LDAP in web applications. You can find it at:


If you're interested, please check it out and let me know what you think (especially if I missed something good).

Jon Roberts