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Re: Evolution ldap search and openldap

fre, 2003-01-03 kl. 18:14 skrev MALFILATRE David:

> since the new version 1.2 of evolution (graphical email client from
> ximian ) I can no longer make any search in my ldap directory.

I use Evo 1.2.1 on Gnmome 1.4 (this mail, all my mail, is sent with Evo)
and o.k., Evo ldap is generally sh^H^H not very good, but it works for
me, at least, *very* slightly better than 1.0.8.

This question is basically OT and should really be addressed to the Evo
mailing list, evolution@ximian.com.


> I have tried with 2.0.15 and 2.0.27 of openldap.

I use Openldap 2.1.10. Perhaps worth trying an upgrade?




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