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Re: Problem with OpenLDAP 2.1.9 logging

On Wednesday 01 January 2003 09:02 pm, Alan Sparks wrote:
> Could the sdb stuff be trying to do a V2 bind?  You might try adding the
> line allow bind_v2
> to your slapd.conf to see..
> The compilation option isn't all you need to do to get logging... you need
> the right syslog config, and a "debug" option set in your slapd.conf to
> specify the logging parameters.
> make sure syslog has local4.debug going somewhere... and add a line like
> loglevel 256
> in slapd.conf.  The log levels are documented in the slapd.conf man page.

Well, the bind_v2 worked, but under no circumstances can I get logging to work 
in openldap. I have the loglevel set to 4095, and it doesn't even seem to be 
talking to my msyslog by any means at all.. 

Eric Renfro
Myrddin Computers & Designs - CEO/President