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Re: Problem with OpenLDAP 2.1.9 logging

Could the sdb stuff be trying to do a V2 bind?  You might try adding the line
allow bind_v2
to your slapd.conf to see..

The compilation option isn't all you need to do to get logging... you need
the right syslog config, and a "debug" option set in your slapd.conf to
specify the logging parameters.

make sure syslog has local4.debug going somewhere... and add a line like
loglevel 256
in slapd.conf.  The log levels are documented in the slapd.conf man page.

Eric Renfro said:
> Hey,
> I'm trying to debug a problem I'm having with named's sdb-ldap interface
> not  being able to bind to my openldap 2.1.9 server, after upgrading it
> from  2.0.27.
> The problem is, named's sdb-ldap keeps saying the bind failed. I'm
> trying to  get openldap to show me some logs of what's happening so I
> can fix it, but no  matter what I do, openldap just isn't logging at
> all.. I even explicitely  re-compiled it with --enable-syslog, and still
> nothing. I don't get it. It  worked in 2.0.25, but not 2.0.27 that I
> recall, and it's not working in 2.1.9  now, either.
> --
> Eric Renfro
> Myrddin Computers & Designs - CEO/President

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator    <asparks@doublesparks.net>