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referral objectclass in 2.1.8


in version 2.0.x, the following definitions could be found in core.schema
# From draft-zeilenga-ldap-nameref-xx.txt
# used to represent referrals in the directory
attributetype ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.34 NAME 'ref'
  DESC 'Named referral'
  EQUALITY caseExactMatch
  USAGE distributedOperation )
objectclass ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.6 NAME 'referral'
  DESC 'Named referral object'

I can't find the equivalent definitions in any schema in the openldap 2.1.8 
tar.gz. Still, online manual for 2.1.x shows a sample using this objectclass 
in section '12.1. Subordinate Knowledge Information'.

My questions are: 
-was it forgotten or knowingly removed ? 

- If it was removed, is it safe for me to create and use a 
"namedreferral.schema" containing the definitions above ?

Just before sending this, having a  doubt, I had a quick look in doc/draft 
(2.0.27/2.1.8) and noticed that draft-zeilenga-ldap-nameref-xx.txt (1) had 
expired and (2) had been removed.  It seems that my first question, can be 
answered with "knowingly removed". Which means that the second one is heading 
for a "not safe to do that" answer.

So what am I suppose to do ? What am I missing ?

Thanks in advance for your help and a happy 2003 to you all,


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