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Some question regarding filters


I try to write a script, which figures out any user for which the shadowExpire attribute has expired. But using <= for the filter does not work. A filter using equality "=" works.

(shadowExpire<=12052)  returns no results
(shadowExpire=12052)   returns any user expiring on 31.12.2002

I've lurked through the maillinglist, and found out that this behavior is because the schema for shadowAccount is defined the following way:

attributetype ( NAME 'shadowExpire'
        EQUALITY integerMatch

So my questions:

1. Why for heaven's sake is no ordering defined for shadowExpire?

2. How could I work around this?
   I could sort it out in the perlscript of course, but it would be
   better to have the server do the work, that would make the script
   much simpler.

   I tried extensible filter, and was able to request
   integerOrderingmatch the following way:


   but I didn't figure out how to write a filter with less-equal in this


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